A look at the past

The History of Keyakizaka46

  • The seed was planted
    February 22, 2015

    The seed was planted

    A "Nogizaka46 New Project" is announced during Nogizaka46's 3rd Year Birthday Live — a project which would later become Toriizaka46. (鳥居坂46)

  • The beginning
    June 27, 2015

    The beginning

    Beginning of the auditions for the group.

  • Goodbye Toriizaka, Hello Keyakizaka
    August 21, 2015

    Goodbye Toriizaka, Hello Keyakizaka

    Final day of the examination, the 1st generation composed of 22 members is officially unveiled, while the group's name is changed to Keyakizaka46 (欅坂46).
    There have been numerous speculations as for why the original name was dropped, but the most common one is because the "Keyakizaka" alley (known for its luxurious shops and mansions) is a much more rich and prestigious venue than "Toriizaka".

  • September 17, 2015

    The first departure

    Suzuki Mizuho leaves the group before their debut.

  • TV Debut
    October 04, 2015

    TV Debut

    Keyakitte, Kakenai?, Keyakizaka46's first TV show, starts airing every sundays on TV Tokyo. It is hosted by Teruyuki Tsuchida and Yuu Sawabe.

  • November 11, 2015

    The second departure

    Harada Mayu leaves the group after photos of her and her boyfriend from when she was 16, and who was her former middle school teacher, surfaced online. She can still be seen in a few Keyakitte, Kakenai? episodes with her face blurred.

  • November 14, 2015

    Keyakizaka's 1st Event "Omitatekai"

    The group's first event, held at Tokyo Zepp DiverCity, where the members displayed their unique skills for the first time to the public.

  • Hiragana Keyaki
    November 30, 2015

    Hiragana Keyaki

    The undergroup "Hiragana Keyakizaka46" is revealed during an episode of Keyakitte, Kakenai? along with its first member, Nagahama Neru.

  • Year 2016

  • January 30, 2016

    Their first live performance

    The group performed Seifuku no Mannequin, a well-known Nogizaka46 song, as the opening act of LIVE EXPO TOKYO 2016 ALL LIVE NIPPON VOL.4 making it the girls' 1st live performance on stage.

  • Their first concert
    March 17, 2016

    Their first concert

    The group held their first concert, called Keyakizaka46 Debut countdown Live where they performed all of their upcoming songs including Silent Majority. It is one of their few lives that have been aired on TV and as such can still be found online.

  • Radio Debut
    April 01, 2016

    Radio Debut

    Keyakizaka46 gets their first radio show, named Keyakizaka46 Kochira Yurakucho Hoshizora Housoukyoku. It is a 15-min-long radio show hosted by Hirate Yurina + another changing member each week.

  • Silent Majority
    April 06, 2016

    Silent Majority

    Release of the group's debut single, Silent Majority.

  • Keyakizaka46's 2nd Generation
    May 08, 2016

    Keyakizaka46's 2nd Generation

    The 11 members of the 2nd Generation of Keyakizaka46 who will become Hiragana Keyaki are officially unveiled.

    July 05, 2016


    The group's 2nd TV program starts airing. It is Keyakizaka's counterpart to AKBINGO&NOGIBINGO.

  • Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?
    July 17, 2016

    Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?

    Keyakizaka46's first drama Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka? (Who killed Tokuyama Daigoro?) start airing.

  • Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai
    August 10, 2016

    Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai

    Release of the group's 2nd single, Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai. It is also TokuDare's opening song.

  • Futari Saison
    November 30, 2016

    Futari Saison

    Release of the group's 3rd Single, Futari Saison.

  • Year 2017

  • Fukyouwaon
    April 05, 2017


    Release of the group's 4th Single, Fukyouwaon.

  • June 24, 2017

    First National Tour Announcement

    Announce of Keyakizaka46's first national tour in August. The tour will cover Hyogo, Fukuoka, Aichi, Miyagi, Niigata and Chiba for a total of 11 perfomances.

  • Masshirona Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru
    July 19, 2017

    Masshirona Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru

    Release of the group's first album, Masshirona Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru.

  • Keyakizaka Republic One-man live
    July 22, 2017

    Keyakizaka Republic One-man live

    Just a few days before the start of their national tour, Keyakizaka46 held a one-man live at Fuji-Q Highland on the 22-23 July. It is famous for having a setup making it look as though Keyakizaka had created a republic for itself, hence its name. You can read a report on the attached link.

  • August 02, 2017

    Beginning of the National Tour

    Opening day of the group's first national tour in Hyogo. You can find the setlist here.

  • September 24, 2017

    Nagahama Neru leaves Hiragana Keyaki

    Nagahama Neru announced on Keyakitte, Kakenai? that she would leave Hiragana Keyakizaka to become a full-time member of Kanji Keyakizaka.

  • Kaze ni Fukaretemo
    October 25, 2017

    Kaze ni Fukaretemo

    Release of the group's 5th Single, Kaze ni Fukaretemo.

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