The first generation

"Kanji" Keyakizaka46

The members of Keyakizaka46 are divided between two groups: “Kanji” Keyakizaka46 (欅坂46) and “Hiragana” Keyakizaka46 (けやき坂46), referring to the characters used to write their respective names. The kanji members are the main ones who you can find on the A-Sides songs, while the Hiragana group is considered an “under” group. They debuted on April 6, 2016, with their hit single Silent Majority.

The second coming

"Hiragana" Keyakizaka46

Announced a few months after the formation of the Kanji Keyaki group, Hiragana Keyaki originally started with a single member, Nagahama Neru, before adding more through auditions consecutively in Spring 2016 and Summer 2017. While Hiragana Keyaki began as an "undergroup", they quickly gained their own identity through a solo tour, getting their own album, a logo and even separate TV shows.

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Gone but not forgotten

Graduated members

The idol life is a short one, and when the time comes, the member "graduates". Here are the girls who helped making the group's history.

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