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平手 友梨奈

Hirate Yurina

Hiratechi (ひらてち), Techi (てち)
Birthday 25/06/2001 (19 Years Old) Height 165cm
Zodiac sign Cancer Birthplace Aichi Blood type O

The undisputed center of Keyakizaka46, and the only member in the whole 48&46 Groups who received six solo covers in a row. She has become the face of the group thanks to her charisma, facial expressions and fierce look. Her idol character is quite different from the usual ones, as she proclaimed at the group's first event:

"I didn't become an idol to be spoiled. I auditioned because I wanted to become an idol who can give people courage like Ikoma-san or Shiraishi-san"

At heart, she's however still a young girl who loves joking around and having fun, making childish pranks in the backstage or bursting out loud at someone else's joke during a TV show. She also has been playing basketball ever since she was in elementary school, and is a skilled dancer who is always ready to lend a hand to the newer members.

She auditioned with the soung Hoshizora no Distance (The Alfee) and her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Shiraishi Mai.

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