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小林 由依

Kobayashi Yui

Yuipon (ゆいぽん), Pon (ぽん)
Birthday 23/10/1999 (21 Years Old) Height 162cm
Zodiac sign Libra Birthplace Saitama Blood type A

A composed girl whose regular face can often be mistaken as sorrowful. She is admired by a few other members like Ishimori Nijika and Ozeki Rika for being so calm yet so cute. However, she seems to have problems making friends, as she mostly stayed alone in a corner during the first group's camp soon (as shown during the firsts Keyakitte Kakenai) and said she still hasn't gone eating with any of the members during the 5th Single Special group trip video.

She is one of the group's better singer and can also play alto sax, piano and guitar. But caring about her friend Imaizumi Yui with whom she forms the duo known as "Yuichanzu", she said she would, despite being so good at singing, focus on playing guitar so that Imaizumi could focus on singing as it was her dream.

Her audition song was Taiyou no Uta (Sawakashi Erika). Her favorite member is Saito Asuka.

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