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小池 美波

Koike Minami

Miichan (みーちゃん), Miiko (みーこ)
Birthday 14/11/1998 (22 Years Old) Height 159cm
Zodiac sign Scorpion Birthplace Hyogo Blood type B

A girl born in the Kansai, and as respectfully so, a fan of comedy. Her three favorites comedians being Bakarhythm, Jinnai Tomonori, and Anjasshu. She's quite close to Yonetani Nanami who is also from the Kansai, and often lets her dialect comes out whenever she's alone with her.

Despite her relatively calm-looking and gentle character, she says she definitely go all out whenever she's at a live (as a spectator) during dynamic songs and would only wear easy-to-move-in clothes for these occasions. Her top 3 groups/artists are Anzen Chitai, KANA-BOON&Fukuyama Masaharu — which shows her certain love for old songs.

Her dream is to become both an idol and an actress, despite how hard she realized it was to act when she took part in Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshitaka?.

Her audition song was Machibuse from Ishikawa Hitomi and her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Nishino Nanase.

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