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Aozora to MARRY

守屋 茜

Moriya Akane

Akanen (あかねん)
Birthday 12/11/1997 (23 Years Old) Height 164cm
Zodiac sign Scorpion Birthplace Miyagi Blood type A

Moriya Akane is the vice-captain of the group and also its most competitive member to date. She has shown and proved her competitive character (負けず嫌い) a number of time, which she first revealed during the sport competition of Keyakitte, Kakenai. She's also quite skilled at sports and especially at soft tennis, and was a member of her school's "Junior Red Cross club".

She also likes to take on the role of a more mature/sexy idol as she, for example, has been seen introducing her special skill as being able to "say food names in a sexy way".

Her audition song was All For You (Amuro Namie). Her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Saito Asuka.

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