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長濱 ねる

Nagahama Neru

Neru (ねる), Neruko (ねるこ)
Birthday 04/09/1998 (22 Years Old) Height 157cm
Zodiac sign Virgo Birthplace Nagasaki Blood type O

Nagahama Neru was unable to participate in the group's final auditions as her mother took her back to Nagasaki on its eve. She however cried so much her father talked to the Keyakizaka46 staff which then made an exception and accepted her in the group, as the first (and at the time, only) member of Hiragana Keyakizaka46 on November 30, 2015. Her late introduction prevented her from being featured in Silent Majority.

While she has been transferred to Kanji Keyakizaka46 as a full-time member since then, her concurrent position allowed her to help the newer Hiragana members from June 27, 2016 to September 24, 2017, and she shared the center position of the undergroup with Kakizakaki Memi the whole time.

Neru has shown to be an especially smart&knowledgeable girl as well. She participated in highschool's national quizz competitions&TV shows outside of Keyakizaka, and won the title of the "intelligent queen" of the group.

Her audition song was Marikka'17 (Ito Marika individual PV Song) and her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Ito Marika as well.

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