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齋藤 冬優花

Saitou Fuyuka

Fuuchan (ふーちゃん)
Birthday 15/02/1998 (23 Years Old) Height 157cm
Zodiac sign Aquarius Birthplace Tokyo Blood type O

Saitou Fuyuka is a dependable girl who is often seen taking care of the other members in backstage, such as when it comes to teaching them the dance or giving them advices. She is well appreciated by a lot of members in that regard. She still likes to make fun of others from time to time, tell jokes and is overall a bon vivant.

Fuuchan practices Awa-odori as well, a form of ancient Japanese dance that is still performed today at the Awa-odori Festival, which is one of the reason why she is such a capable dancer. This is seen in her selfie introduction video for Keyakitte, Kakenai. She is close with Nagahama Neru and Ishimori Nijika.

Her audition song was Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki (Dreams Come True) and her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Takayama Kazumi.

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