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Aozora to MARRY

志田 愛佳

Shida Manaka

Manaka (まなか), Mona (もな), Mana (まな)
Birthday 23/11/1996 (23 Years Old) Height 167cm
Zodiac sign Sagittarius Birthplace Niigata Blood type A

A strong-willed girl often the root of loud laughing sounds. Originally one half of the duo named The Cool by the Keyakitte, Kakenai MCs (with Watanabe Risa being the other half), she actually is often far from remaining composed, preferring enjoying herself and entertaining others in the process or cowering in fear in a haunted house. Prior to joining Keyakizaka46, she had modelled for an event in Niigata called Kawaii Haku and has been playing volleyball since her first year of middle school.

While seemingly quite social she said she liked travelling alone and doesn't like to talk so much in the backstage. She is very close to Watanabe Risa with whom she often mets in private as well, and Oda Nana.

Her audition song was 441 (Miwa) and her favorite Nogizaka46 members are Nishino Nanase and Saito Asuka.

She graduated from Kanji Keyakizaka46 on November 16, 2018 after being on hiatus since May 3 of the same year.

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