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菅井 友香

Sugai Yuuka

Yukkaa (ゆっかー)
Birthday 29/11/1995 (25 Years Old) Height 166cm
Zodiac sign Sagittarius Birthplace Tokyo Blood type AB

Currently the captain of the group, Sugai Yuuka is a huge horse-lover. Member of the equestrian club at the Gakushuin University, she often has lots of horse-related goodies and furniture with her as well as anecdotes. As the captain of the group, she often endorse the MC role and do the talk doing official events. She's also the one guiding the player in the official Keyakizaka no Kiseki mobile game.

Being close to Habu Mizuho who is an otaku, she enjoys getting dragged along to anime-related events a lot. Yukkaa is also said to be an Ojou-sama (rich/noble girl) as she has shown a certain wealth like her family having a vacation house in Karuizawa. The Keyakitte, Kakenai MCs often nickname her Sugai-sama for this reason.

Her audition song was Friends (Otsuka Ai) and her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Shiraishi Mai.

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