鈴本 美愉

Suzumoto Miyu

Kuritarou (栗太郎)
Birthday 05/12/1997 (23 Years Old) Height 156cm
Zodiac sign Sagittarius Birthplace Aichi Blood type AB

One of the best dancer in the group, Miyu's presence is always noticeable during Keyakizaka46's energetic performances. She became interested in becoming an idol during middle school, and originally applied to join the Nagoya-based group SKE48. However, she lived far away from Nagoya City Center (the place hosting the auditions) and couldn't audition in the end.

A chestnuts lover and always bringing them up, she was originally called Kuritarou (kuri meaning "chestnut" and tarou being the a name suffix) during Keyakitte, Kakenai. However, she has lowered down that trait, wanting to show more sides of herself, and so that people could remember her real name. Her exaggerated reactions during funny and shocking moments have earned her a fame of "Reaction Queen", contrasting with her overall calm and cute appearance.

Besides being an idol, she would like to improve her skills as an actress and model, but is aware that she lacks height to focus on the latter. Very interested in Oda Nana, who in turn is interested the most in Kobayashi Yui, the three of them are considered a sort of "Love Triangle".

Her audition song was Touch (Iwasaki Yoshimi) and her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Shiraishi Mai.

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