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渡辺 梨加

Watanabe Rika

Berika (べりか), Pe (ぺ)
Birthday 16/05/1995 (25 Years Old) Height 166cm
Zodiac sign Taurus Birthplace Ibaraki Blood type O

As the oldest member of the group, Watanabe Rika wanted to become the "older sister" type, strong and dependable. But forgetting her carry bag at the station the day she arrived on the group's 1st orientation event, she quickly became the opposite and turned into the younger sister. Clumsy and shy, she rarely talks in public and mostly keep her mouth shut during TV shows. She is not very athletic neither, but she is quite capable at playing piano as she's been practicing it for more than 12 years.

As a model of the "Larme" magazine/brand, she's also one of the first two members of the group to have received a photobook (the other one being Nagahama Neru). She's close to Nagasawa Nanako.

Her audition song was Ito (Nakajima Miyuki) and her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Shiraishi Mai.

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