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渡邉 理佐

Watanabe Risa

Berisa (べりさ)
Birthday 27/07/1998 (22 Years Old) Height 166cm
Zodiac sign Leo Birthplace Ibaraki Blood type O

Risa is a bit of a tsundere girl who has been shown leaning towards the sadistic side. With her answering a bit coldly unintentionally being one of her habit, she also pushes away those who annoy her without hesitation and especially if the person in cause is Harada Aoi. That general aura of strictness she gives off is also supplemented by the fact that she is a quiet girl. However, she's also well-mannered and doesn't shy away from tidying up the room or offering her help to the other members — in fact, despite being seen slightly sadistic she's kind at heart. She has even openly expressed her will to show more than just those two aspects of "cool" and "sadist" that have been stuck to her in one Keyakitte, Kakenai episode.

Originally a member of "The Cool" duo with Shida Manaka, she's very close to her and often meets up with her in her private time. Shida often comes up in Risa's stories when asked about anecdotes and vice versa. They also went to an on-site video shooting together after nominating each other in Keyakitte, Kakenai. She's a "non-no" exclusive model.

Her audition song was Blue Sky Blue (Flower) and her favorite Nogizaka46 member is Saito Asuka.

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