Photocards, usually called nama shashin (生写真) in japanese, are photos available in 3 to 4 types by member. They can be considered staple collectibles as far as idol merchandises go and are used like trading cards/materials between fans before and after most handshake and live events.
The price per photo can vary a lot depending on the member's popularity, easily ranging from a few dozen yets (a few cents) to more than five thousands yen ($50+).

Existing in sets of 3 or 4, they are, however, rarely sold by sets. You will most of the time only get one type at a time, and were you to decide to buy more of whatever merchandise it is bundled with, will have to trade your duplicates with other fans. Unless you decide to resort to the 2nd hand market. You can refer to the useful links page to get a few online shop names.

Regarding the photos themselves, they can be grouped into 3 or 4 main categories: first press photos, events&online photos, and the rest such as magazine photos.

Keyaking is a great website to check out most of the different existing photosets. It is however in japanese, and if you actually want to buy something on it, you will more than likely need a proxy.



First press versions of singles are, as their name implies, the versions you'll get if you buy the singles on their release date or quickly after. You usually want to preorder them if you're not living in Japan.
Each first press version of a single comes bundled with one photo. And as singles are sold in four types (three before Fukyouwaon), there are 4 different photos for each member that are split up like so:

  • Type A comes with a Yori A ver. (ヨリ - close-up/head shot) photo
  • Type B comes with a Yori B ver. (ヨリ - close-up/head shot) photo (or Chuu/チュウ before Fukyouwaon)
  • Type C comes with a Chuu (チュウ - almost full length) photo (or Hiki/ヒキ before Fukyouwaon)
  • Type D comes with a Hiki (ヒキ - full length) photo

欅/けやき坂46 ランダム生写真

RANDOM/Events photosets

Those are photocards either only available during Keyakizaka46 events or on the online shop. There is often an overlap between those sets, which is why they are grouped into the same category. Whether it is at the venue or online, they are however sold the same way: you have to buy a set of 5 random photos for the Kanji members or a set of 3 random photos for the Hiragana members. Not unlike the first press photos, three types exist for each members: yori (ヨリ), chuu (チュウ), and hiki (ヒキ).
This type of photos, that are mostly only obtainable on the 2nd hand market for foreigners, is perfect for those who want photos of their idols dressed in their MV or live outfits which aren't bundled with the CDs.


Other sets

The other types of photosets that exist include magazine photos or Sengen (欅宣言) photos. Sengen (announcement) photos were the first photosets that were sold when the group had just debuted and are hard to obtain as of now.

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