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Finding the right websites at the beginning might be either tough or confusing. Here's a list that should cover all of your basic needs.


Blogs&interview translations


  • CDJapan

    An international shopping website, stocking pretty much any kind of idol-related material you want.

  • Amazon Japan

    The good ol' Amazon. Ships internationally most CDs and photobooks or magazine. Requires a different account from your national Amazon.

  • Yahoo Auctions

    The japanese equivalent to e-bay, you can find almost anything you want including rare merchandises, although it can be pricey and will require you to use a proxy.

  • Mandarake

    Mandarake is a chain of 2nd hands goods of all sorts in Japan. It includes figures, mangas, DVD, doujinshi but of course idol merchandises as well. A good place to keep an eye on if you're hunting photocards or cheap CDs. It's recommended to type what you're looking for in japanese (kanji).

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