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New to Keyakizaka? Too many videos here and you don’t know where to start? Here are some suggestions. Guide written by SaitoWinterStar & Aya-chan



Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?


Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka? is Keyakizaka’s first drama from 2016 starring all Kanji members and Nagahama Neru (Hiragana). It is recommended for new fans to watch this drama (also available subbed on Amazon Prime) as it only consists of 12 episodes with a duration of 25 minutes each, which makes it easy to binge watch in a day or two.

It might not be the best choice to get to know the members in their natural habitat, but it has humor, good production values, and a good storyline with likeable characters. And who knows, someone might still end up catching your interest! *The title translates to Who killed Tokuyama Daigoro?




Re:Mind is the first drama exclusively featuring all of the Hiragana 1st Generation members. Composed of 12 episodes of 25 minutes each (plus an extra 13th episode called Re:Wind), it's a mystery drama, much like Tokuyama Daigoro, but has an even darker tone. It is however a closed-room mystery and might, as such, might not be everyone's cup of tea, with a relatively slow-paced story and lack of action.

Re:Mind is still a great way to get familiarized with the Hiragana member's faces, has a compelling story full of plot twists, and gives the chance to some of the members to shine with their acting skills.

Variety show

Keyakitte, Kakenai?


Keyakitte, Kakenai? is Keyakizaka's first variety show. It started airing before their debut, so that we could learn about the members beforehand. It is a 25-minutes show, airing every Sunday on TV Tokyo at 24:35-25:05 JST. The show is still on-going at the moment, with more than a hundred episodes. It is recommended you watch all the episodes in order, especially if you are a new fan. But you can find some highlights below, were you to choose to skip some.

  • EP01 - EP05 : To learn the most basic things about the Kanji Keyakizaka members
  • EP07 - EP08 : To learn which members are good at sports and which are not. You may discover some crazy running styles and more
  • EP09 : Explanation of the late addition of Neru and formation of Hiragana Keyakizaka
  • EP17 : The members' true personalities are revealed by each other
  • EP22 - EP23 : Fun episodes to determine who's the most ponkotsu (airhead) member
  • EP28 - EP29 : Learn who's the most intelligent member and the most stupid in the group
  • EP31 - EP32 : Another episode about revealing each other's personalities
  • EP47 : First appearance and introduction of Hiragana Keyaki 1st generation
  • EP48 : See the members' attitudes when they are being unknowingly monitored by hidden cameras
  • EP72 - EP73 : Another introduction to Hiragana Keyaki 1st gen with Kanji Keyaki around
  • EP78 : Explanation of members' nicknames and who they love most in the group
  • EP100 - EP101 : Introduction of Hiragana Keyaki 2nd generation
  • EP09 : Surprise addition of Neru
  • EP22 : Announcement of the first single (Silent Majority) senbatsu Senbatsu announcements are always dramatic because the members don't know the results beforehand. Each members' assigned position can reflect their importance to the group, their popularity, or the confidence management places in them.
  • EP37 : Announcement of the second single (Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai) senbatsu Happy crying for Neru
  • EP53 : Announcement of the third single (Futari Saison) senbatsu
  • EP63 : Backstage of their first one-man-live concert
  • EP70 : Announcement of the fourth single (Fukyouwaon) senbatsu
  • EP96 : Backstage of the final shows of their summer first national tour
  • EP98 : Announcement of the fifth single (Kaze ni Fukarete mo) senbatsu More crying for Neru
  • EP15 - EP16 : Watch the members cooking and determine who's good and who'sreallybad at it.
  • EP35 - EP36 : Stupid vs Intelligent teams battle in various challenges that test their physical capabilities.
  • EP45 - EP46 : Another Stupid vs Intelligent team battle. The winning team will get their reward in a future episode. This time, they're battling in kimonos!
  • EP56 - EP57 - EP58 : The members are divided into 2 teams and compete in athletic battles
  • EP59 : 3rd single campaign where the members go to schools to give them their single in person and stage a live performance. A very touching episode!
  • EP74 : Kanji Hiragana members that have the same character/specialty compete with each other to show who is better at it.
  • EP99 : Nijika, Ozeki, and Habu open up. MOZZARELLA CHEESE !

A special segment in Keyakitte Kakenai (usually at the end of the epsisode) where the member who have birthday in that month, tell the history of their life.


Subbed music

subbed music

Some of us might love the melody or instrumentation of the Keyakizaka songs, but do you know the meaning of the lyrics? You can find all the Keyakizaka Music Videos, and even some tracks that originally have no MV, with english subtitles to help you understand the lyrics on KeyaVids. Some of them are deep, dark, borderline emo, while others are beautiful and inspiring. But whatever you choose to listen to, there's a big chance you will love Keyakizaka even more once you understand them.




Here are some other videos that are particularly notable:

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